LE FREEPORT | Parishaff | L-2315 SENNINGERBERG | Luxembourg | E: infoluxembourg@lefreeport.com


The ideal platform

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg is the ideal platform for storing, servicing and trading works of art and other valuables.

LE FREEPORT sets new standards, demanded by investors and collectors alike: a purpose built facility combining cutting edge technology and an exhaustive range of expert services.

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg is also an efficient logistics hub.

Welcome to LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg. Your valuables deserve it!

Direct access to airport

The Luxembourg Airport is one of the largest air cargo hubs in Europe, served by leading air cargo carriers.

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg is located at the air cargo terminal with direct access to the tarmac, which significantly reduces transfer time and costs and risks of damage, while offering a high degree of security.

Other benefits include proximity of the
 Western European motorways, highly developed road feeder network, speedy customs clearance, and professional ground handling services.

The perfect location

Ideally located at Luxembourg Airport,
 LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg is the ultimate logistics hub for handling, storing and trading art and other valuables under a regime of suspension of VAT and customs duties on goods and services.

Luxembourg offers the following benefits: a central geographical location in the heart of Europe, a stable social, economic, and political environment, a triple « A » rating, an international Wealth Management/Fund Administration Center and a multi-cultural and multi-lingual work force.

A robust legislative framework

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg operates under 
the supervision of Luxembourg Customs and 
is subject to a tax and customs framework which requires that goods can only access and leave LE FREEPORT through Licenced Freeport Operators.

Each entry and exit of goods has to be declared to Customs by Freeport Operators. Customs are physically present at 
LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg. Freeport Operators keep detailed inventories documenting the movements and physical locations of stored goods.

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg Operators are subject to anti money laundering laws.