LE FREEPORT | Parishaff | L-2315 SENNINGERBERG | Luxembourg | E: infoluxembourg@lefreeport.com



A stunning building

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg is a 22,000 m2, 4-story building with stunning architectural and aesthetical features.

The facility is highly secure and offers storage rooms, vaults and safes of various sizes, all customisable.

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg is the result of a unique and multi-talented combination of : Swiss concept and entrepreneurship, German technology, Italian and American designers, Portuguese street art and a Luxembourg execution.

Safe and secure storage

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg offers safe and secure storage for works of art, precious metals, wines, antiques, jewels, documents and archives (physical and digital), collection cars and other valuables.

Optimal preservation conditions adapted to each category of valuables are in place.

Optimal storage of works of fine art

Specifically designed for oversized works of art/ installations, the storage rooms have a height of 6.14m on the ground floor, 5.70m in the basement, and 5.14m on the first and second floors. Minimum dimensions of doors and hallways are 3x3m. The ground floor features 5x5m and 4×3 doors. Loading limit is 2 (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floors), respectively 5 (basement) tons per m2. Air cargo pallets are built and sealed on site.

Digital works of art and archives can be stored, reformatted, duplicated, and independently certified in dedicated data rooms.

Fire suppression systems are based on gas injection (nitrogen) to choke fires. Walls and doors are fire resistant for 90 (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor) to 180 (basement) minutes. In case of fire, the airport fire brigade intervenes in less than 5 minutes.

Maximum 24h security

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg guarantees 24 / 7 / 365 on-site security. All incoming vehicles and persons are screened.

The latest technologies in terms of security alarm, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems are installed throughout the facility and its surroundings.

Controlled temperature and humidity

A temperature of 21°C and a 55% relative humidity level is maintained in all storage rooms, as well as in the loading/off loading areas, showrooms, lobby, corridors and hallways.

A temperature of 10°C and a 40% relative humidity level is maintained in the
 «cool storage» rooms for photographic works. Climate control systems are backed up in case of power failure.

Optimal storage of fine wines

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg features 4 wine cellars equipped with vibration captors, for the storage of 750’000 bottles. The temperature and humidity are maintained at optimal conservation levels (between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius and 60% relative humidity).

An independent audit firm verifies and certifies the conservation standards through a quality assurance program.

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg permits the organisation of wine tasting events on its premises.

Optimal storage of precious metals

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg features 4 class XIII VDS / EN 1143-1 certified strong rooms with anti chambers as well as dedicated air-side and land-side loading bays for armoured vehicles.

Viewing and trading

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg offers comfortable showrooms with state-of-the-art presentation equipements.

Conference rooms and private offices with the latest communication facilities allow the conduct of confidential and efficient business meetings.