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LE FREEPORT open its vaults

LE FREEPORT open its vaults

At the occasion of “Private Art Kirchberg” on 25 September 2016

During “Private Art Kirchberg” on September 25, 2016 LE FREEPORT will exhibit works of renowned artists entrusted to its safekeeping. The works will be shown in the spectacular lobby of the Freeport where the “bas relief” created in situ by street artist Alexander Farto aka VHILS can also be admired together with the neon works of Johana Grawunder and Hsia-Fei Chang. A free shuttle bus service operates between Deutsche Bank and LE FREEPORT every 15 minutes between 12h00 and 17h30. Parking is limited at LE FREEPORT. Visitors need a valid photo ID to gain access the Freeport.

Open vaults